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Van: Michael Omran
Onderwerp: Your Attention

Good Day,
My name is Michael Omran, a financial consultant to late Mr. Greg Mao who died of liver and kidney failure in 2009, was an oil consultant with Shell and Mobile corporations, who made a substantial deposit with HSBC bank. His wife Mrs. Renate Greg died of Covid-19 complications in Germany. Efforts to reach their family members proved abortive, and unfortunately my late client did not state his Will in his deposit nor does he have any child. This fund has been floating in the bank with the principal interest rolling over and no one to claim it.
Right now I am looking for a partner that will stand as Next of Kin to my late client cause I have a reliable lawyer that will prepare an MoU for us to sign, a letter of notarisation and transfer of ownership documents that will facilitate the transfer of the fund to you as the next of kin.
My major concern right now is that at the expiration of 15 years, if no one comes forward to claim the fund, the fund will be tagged as an unclaimed fund and the bank will take full possession of the fund.
Please send reply to: if you are interested for further details.
Thank you
Mr. Michael Omran

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